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Australia Investment Visa

Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia is a state in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is the only country that covers the entire continent.

This path to permanent residency in Australia offers a way for high-net-worth investors to reach the benefits of life in this popular destination country.  There is not a direct investment path to citizenship, however the investor can apply after 3-4 years of residency which includes 1 year of permanent residency


Australia is a country easily accessible from Asia. A direct flight from Vietnam to Australia is about 9 hours long. Having many similarities in weather, fresh and abundant food, and an immigrant welcoming culture, Australia is an option worth your consideration.

Australia's economy is a prosperous market economy, driven by the Western economic model, dominated by service jobs (68% of GDP), followed by agriculture and mining jobs (29.9% of GDP).

Investors need to invest 5,000,000AUD. You are granted Australian permanent residence, enjoy full benefits in health, education, social security ... like Australian citizens. After 3-4 years, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

Requirements for investor residency with path to citizenship

  • Invest AUS $5M in a specific government approved structure after preapproval

  • Reside minimum 40 days in 5 years


The Benefits

  • Very high standard of living close to or at number 1 in the world

  • High ratings of safety for women and children

  • Excellent location to do business with SE Asia

  • After 3-4 years of residency you may apply for Australian citizenship


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