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Europe Professional and Skilled Job Visas

Currently, GBlueSea has skilled immigration programs in European countries for the information technology industries, nurses, engineers, restaurants, real estate, chefs, mechanics, etc. with costs reasonable for your financial situation.


You will be traveling with your family, husband, wife, children and children priority to study for free. After completing 2 to 3 years depending on the industry you will definitely get a job with an income of between € 2500 and € 5000.


Conditions of participation

For the skilled European immigration program, candidates need to meet the conditions of education, foreign language, professional qualifications and work experience in an occupation on the list of allowed settlements. The program gives candidates the right to reside and work in all European countries. After 5 years of living, the candidate will receive a PR card and officially become a European permanent resident. After that, the candidate has the opportunity to obtain citizenship in the European country where the candidate is living.

Contact GBlueSea to have a team of experts advise you on the immigration profession that best suits your skills, interests and lifestyle.


Let us help you to fulfill your dream by calling or emailing us today!

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