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Portugal Investment Visa

For Portugal, investment options start at 250,000 EUR. Approved investors can apply for permanent residence and then citizenship in as soon as 5 years. Investors can settle down for 3 generations.


Special incentive program, granted immigrant visa within 3 months, no residency requirement, 100% success rate, free travel within European countries, full social benefits of the bloc European commonwealth, enjoy many incentives, free education, health care.


one of the following investments:

  • Invest in real estate to at least 500,000 EUR

  • Invest in urban renewal area real estate minimum 30 years old totaling at least 350,000 EUR

  • Transfer capital of minimum 1 million EUR

  • Invest in scientific research minimum 350,000 EUR

  • Invest in the arts, cultural and heritage preservation minimum 250,000 EUR

  • Create at minimum 10 jobs

  • Invest into a small or medium business 500,000 EUR or more

The Benefits

  • The investment starts as low as 250,000 EUR

  • Visa renewal is satisfied by spending two weeks per year in Portugal

  • After 5 years and establishing ties plus satisfying language requirements, you can apply for citizenship, with living in Portugal optional.

  • You and your family members can travel freely in the Schengen Zone


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