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European Investment Visa

It is the way to gain citizenship or residency by investing in the economy or projects of another country.  Wealthy foreign individuals can do this by investing a considerable amount of money or by buying a real estate property.

GBlueSea has a preferential investment program to immigrate to Europe in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and more! Quickly contact us for a dream immigration program. The European passport is one of the most powerful, and with a high standard of progressive education, clean air and fresh water, it is worth your long-term investment for the future.


If you are approved in such a program, you and your family members (your spouse and dependents) will obtain residence permits that can be renewed repeatedly while you are invested.


Often, there is little if any requirement to fully reside in the country that issues the Investment Visa. This means you do not have to move to the issuing country unless desired.


On the other hand, to obtain permanent residence or citizenship by the investment route, most of these countries will need you to live there for typically five to ten years.


One finds if they land an Investment Visa for an EU country, they and their family are free to travel within all of the Schengen Zone. If the Investment Visa then leads to citizenship in the EU, depending on the issuing country, the passport obtained offers visa-free travel to over 100 countries around the world!

GBlueSea is having a preferential European investment program in Greece, Cyprus, Cyprus, Malta, etc. Quickly contact us to own the dream immigration program. The European passport is one of the most powerful. Europe is located in the commonwealth, with a high life, progressive education, fresh air, it is worth our long-term investment for the future.


For the EU immigration program, you usually have to invest an amount of 250,000 or more in a real estate or business project in order to receive permanent residency. However, the advantage of the program is that it does not require much education, age or ability to work. What you need is a clean resume, stable health and enough money to invest.


Let us help you to fulfill your dream by calling or emailing us today!

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