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Finland Investment Visa

We have a special Finnish settlement program at an affordable cost that is convenient for you. You and your family will get free education, health care, enjoy the best from the country that for 7 consecutive years was voted as the happiest country in the world! Please contact us quickly to get the immigration program you have always wanted. You are able to live, study and work and enjoy almost all the rights of Finnish citizens,. You are free to travel in all European countries. 

Finland offers a high standard of living often ranking among the highest in the world for safety, social benefits and happiness.  Contact our office for more details on the pathways to residency.  One example is shown below


  • Invest at least 100,000 EUR into a business

  • Ability to use English to communicate

  • Identification

  • Income certificate


The Benefits

  • ​Ranks highly for safety, social benefits and happiness

  • Great location for doing business in Europe

  • Free education and healthcare

  • Children receive incentives from the government: 1200€/year/person

Become a Global Citizen with ideal living conditions and excellent social security benefits.

Settling in Europe, moving freely around the world, traveling, enjoying the most modern medical care services, and freely traveling between countries without needing a visa is definitely an invaluable asset.

Let us help you to fulfill your dream by calling or emailing us today!

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