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Study in Singapore

Is it difficult or easy to study in Singapore?


No GMAT or GRE required

Apply for a student visa 100% success

Visa interview at DSL

Opportunity to stay and work with high salary.

No financial proof is required to study abroad


Conditions to Study in Singapore


- IELTS 5.5 for college level

- IELTS 6.0 for university

- IELTS 6.5 for masters

- Diploma

- Transcript


For cases that are not eligible, please contact our hotline for support.

Cost to Study in Singapore


Tuition fees may vary depending on the field of study and the school.

English: 70 million - 120 million / 6-month course

College - advanced college: 140 million - 200 million/course - 9 months

University: 200 million - 400 million/course - 12 months

Master: 250 million - 400 million/course - 18 months

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Singapore Study Profile


Admission letter





Foreign language certificate (if any)

Other certificates or qualifications (if any)

Copy of birth certificate

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Currently, GBlueSea is having scholarships from famous schools from 15% to 95% at Amity Academy, Marketing Institute Singapore, Nan-yang Institute Singapore, Kaplan Singapore, Singapore Management University, James Cook University Singapore , etc…


Summer Study Abroad


Summer study abroad in Singapore brings a lot of fun and meaning for students. Singapore is famous for being a green, clean and safe country and it only takes 2 hours by flight from Vietnam.


Studying abroad in Singapore will give students confidence in English communication, increase diplomatic skills, develop creative skills, and practice independence. Students will learn English, science, technology, environment, participate in swimming and badminton sports.


Students can visit tourist attractions Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, Jurong Birds Park, Singapore Zoo, Science Centre of Singapore, Singapore Discovery Centre, New Water Plant of Singapore, Singapore City Gallery, etc… Hurry up Give us a call to have a meaningful summer for your child.

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