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Study in Finland

Finland is

  • The happiest country in the world for seven consecutive years.

  • Finnish education has consistently been at the forefront of international quality programs for the past decade.

  • With over 70% of the area is forest, thousands of lakes, Finland achieved high rank according to the environmental quality index (EPI) as

  • One of the five cleanest countries in the world.

  • Finland is also known as the safest country in the world.

Finland's education is always recognized by the world as having

  • World-famous training quality

  • It is the choice of many international students

  • The Finnish government is very generous in awarding scholarships from 50% - 100% to international students

  • Students are allowed to work up to 25 hours/week

  • According to the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, staff shortages are growing in the fields of health and social services, information technology and construction

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Do you want to study high school for free?

​Students graduating from grades 9 to 11 will enter a senior high school in grades 10-11-12 in Finland. Finnish language program. After finishing 12th grade, they have the opportunity to receive 100% scholarship for the University program in Finnish.

Student benefits:

  • 100% scholarship for 3 years of high school tuition

  • Free lunch for 3 years at school

  • Opportunity to become a Finnish citizen

  • Parents can apply for an accompanying visa, be allowed to work, stay up to 1 year each time

  • High school students are allowed to work 12 hours/week and 25 hours/week during vacations

Do you want to work in medicine with a high salary, and a 100% scholarship opportunity?  Please contact us immediately to be on your way to study abroad in the happiest country in the world, your country. Home of Santa Claus.

Conditions to study in Finland


  • Graduate from high school for college and university courses.

  • 5.0 IELTS for university courses or equivalent qualifications.

  • 6.5 IELTS for postgraduate courses.

These requirements vary depending on the prerequisites of each university.


Priority is given to occupations in:


  • information technology

  • nursing

  • restaurants

  • hotels

  • chefs

  • mechanics.

Please contact the consulting team to choose the right career for the future, suitable to the skills and interests of international students. Graduated international students are introduced to jobs in the host country.


You can get a top-ranked education in the world in a country with sustainable socio-economic development that has already attracted a large number of international students.

  • Modern infrastructure

  • Scholarships available up to 80%

  • Able to work part time up to 25 hours/week

  • Extremely clean living environment

🎉🎉 Congratulations to our newest students who have come to study in Finland, the country with the top education and the happiest country in the world for 6 consecutive years! 🎉🎉

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Visa application

​You need a school admission certificate and proof of financial capacity to apply for a student visa.

Tuition fees for studying abroad

Tuition fees vary by industry and school.

Learn Finnish for free

Degree recognized worldwide

Opportunity to travel to 26 European countries without having to apply for a visa

Students can live in one of the 10 most livable countries on the planet, with social welfare policies (insurance, health care, community activities and more), political stability, safety, modern infrastructure and transportation, along with a pure European living environment, extremely fresh and integrated.


GBlueSea is having a special scholarship program of 50% - 100% for international students at vocational schools, high schools, colleges, bachelors and masters. Especially at the universities of Aalto, University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, University of Vaasa, University of Turku...

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