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Malta Investment Visa

Malta offers two types of Investment Visas. One leads to citizenship and the other to indefinite permanent residency, both having desirable benefits. You get 3 generations of family immigration, free education and medical care. Time to complete immigration documents quickly done within 5 months. Malta is a rich country, a developed financial center, with advanced infrastructure.


Requirements for citizenship

  • Invest minimum 600,000 EUR to the Malta national development fund and prove 36 months’ residency


  • Invest 750,000 EUR to the national development fund with 12 months’ residency


  • Invest another 50,000 EUR for each dependent included in the application

  • Invest another 700,000 EUR into residential real estate or enter into a 16,000 per annum rental agreement maintained for 5 years

  • Give a 10,000 EUR compulsory donation to a registered charitable, sport, cultural, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental approved organization or society


Requirements for permanent residence

  • Submit admin fee payment of 40,000 EUR (10,000 EUR is at application)

  • Rent property for 12,000 EUR per annum with a 58,000 EUR government contribution


  • Buy property for 350,000 EUR for 5 years with a 28,000 EUR government contribution

  • Donate to a local charitable organization at 2,000 EUR minimum



  • Work or study in EU countries

  • Visa-free travel to 186 countries including USA

  • Quality of life for family, clean air, property rights, freedom of speech, modern internet and reliable secure banking

  • Maltese healthcare system access


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