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Fly to Europe to Expand Your Mind - Some of Europe’s Highest Rated Study Abroad Programs

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

You’ve been thinking about going to study abroad in Europe. Who wouldn’t? You can enjoy a summer session, or a whole semester or year in a place full of interesting cultures and history. See so many places rushing around on their highly efficient train system. Consider that many people have long dreamed of the experience of studying abroad in Europe! Maybe you want to walk in places of history or practice that language you’ve been studying since childhood.

Perhaps you haven’t worked out all the details, but you are sure you want to experience an escape. It’s important to have a clear purpose and certain achievements in mind, we at GBlueSea can help you figure that out! And the lucky thing is, the programs available to study abroad in Europe are as diverse as the many delicious foods you’ll encounter while traveling back and forth across the continent.

Even though it isn’t the largest continent in the world, Europe has 24 languages, 51 countries and over 700 million people! Spain, France, the UK and Germany are among the most popular destination countries to study toward your degree.

There are many options whether you are seeking to study in a large city or a quiet town. Check out our study abroad page and you can be sure to find something you’ve been looking for.

Here are examples of some of Europe’s highest rated study abroad programs:

  • CAPA London: Study and Intern Abroad

  • CEA Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

  • API at Universidad de Granada in Granada, Spain

  • Spanish Studies Program - Seville, Spain

  • USAC FRANCE: Lyon - French Language & European Studies

  • Study Abroad with American College of Thessaloniki

  • Uppsala International Summer Session

  • CIEE Language & Culture in Lisbon, Portugal

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